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All your questions ​USA lead list FAQ 

Below are several helpful questions and answers in regard to sales, customer service, and company information. Please browse the information, and you will find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What type of leads do you offer?
    We specialize in reverse mortgage leads, short sale leads, FHA streamline leads and ARM resets. We also have renter, bankruptcy and any type of mortgage and homeowner leads
  • What Format do you send my list order in?
    We can send leads in word, PDF, Excel telemarketing and mailing label format
  • How long does it take to get a count back?
    Within minutes you will have your list count and pricing sent to you. For the quickest response fill out the online form with your specifics
  • How do I know you are a reputable company?
    We understand that some marketing companies have given our industry a bad name in some cases. We suggest you read our reviews, and we also have a great Google satisfaction rating ​
  • Why don't you offer "FREE" Tests?"
    The main reason we don't offer free tests is that it takes us the same amount of time to pull 2 leads as 20,000 leads and a small sample is not a statically representation to gauge the results of our products. We can go over hard data with you to show you our positive results of past successful campaigns. If you are concerned about quality we suggest you contact our references and check us out at the BBB
  • How do we compile our leads?
    We have special arrangements with public and private sources to help us compile our leads. No other company has our depth and knowledge to generate the leads you need
  • Can I pay by check? How does that work?
    Yes you may pay by check by simply writing out a check like you would normally scan/email or fax it
  • What is the minimum I can purchase?
    Please contact your sales representative as we are flexible and will try out best to meet your budget needs
  • How do I choose the areas I want the list from?
    State, area code, zip code, radius from an area, almost anyway
  • How frequently do you update your leads?
    Every 30 days there is an update around the first day of each month
  • Are all your lists scrubbed against the do not call list?
    Yes, we do our best to scrub your data against various do not call lists. If you are concerned about do not call regulations. Seek legal advise or double scrub if necessary
  • If I buy data how many loans will I close?
    You should generate 2-4 good leads per 50 records called, and whatever your closing ratio is from a quality lead will determine your ratio
  • How do I return bad data/leads? Please e-mail back the data that is incorrect.
    Please view the terms and conditions for exact return specifications and contact customer support for assistance
  • When I purchase from you, when will I receive my order?"
    As soon as you purchase your list it will be available within one business day but can be rushed to meet your needs
  • Can you resend my leads. I didn't get it?
    Please log in to your account and download the order using your given user name and password. Contact support for assistance
  • How can you guarantee the lowest prices?
    We will not be undersold on any purchase. Shop for the lowest price and we will beat it. Contact your sales representative for details
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes, VISA and Master Card
  • Why don't you have references that I can call and talk to?
    We receive several requests per day and since that would overwelm someone who was kind enough to be a reference. We have decided to use our review system that you can view for each product and service that we offer. We feel this is the best way for you to determine if you want to purchase from us. We also are registered with the BBB that you can access for researching our company
  • How long have you been in business?
    We have been compiling data and generating leads since 1996 before internet and automation was used. We are proud to be in business for 17 years. We are the nations oldest privately held information services company in the nation
  • How does your "guaranteed replacement data lead program work?"
    Any inaccurate data you purchase from us can be returned for credit and/or replacement. Please see program details or contact customer support for instructions
  • How do I know the leads will be accurate?
    Nothing is 100% accurate no matter what steps are taken to verify data and leads. The national average for accurate data is 86%. Our data will generally be at that percentage or better. Less than 5% of or customers return bad data for replacement. The good news is that we have the best replacement policy in the industry. So with us you will never pay for bad data
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