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Timeshare Owner Leads - Accurate Targeted Choose Your Areas

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We have thousands of timeshare owner leads throughout the US. Our timeshare owner leads are the most comprehensive timeshare marketing database. Our database is highly accurate, qualified, and responsive. This database is used for direct mail and telemarketing campaigns.

Timeshare owner leads that contain highly motivated consumers who currently own a Timeshare Vacation Property. 

Timeshare owner leads of individuals that either visited and attended a timeshare sales presentation and purchased.

We have developed a source for timeshare owner leads that is searchable for marketing calling or mailing campaigns.  

No cost counts and quotes. Check for availability today.

Incorporates thousands of transactions per month, combined with a Charge Roll record. Our sourced premium record can be utilized for an assortment of campaign counting.

Choose from over 40 filters and criteria. 

Are you looking for a way to reach out to timeshare owners? Look no further! Our timeshare owners list is the perfect tool for your marketing needs. We guarantee it will provide you with the best value for your money. We customize your list to fit your campaign and give you the best response rates and ROI.


With over 75,000 combinations, you can build the ideal audience you need to reach your goals. Get the list today and start engaging with timeshare owners! Our custom-targeted lists are designed to make your marketing efforts easier, more effective, and more successful. You can create an ideal audience to improve response rates, increase sales, and maximize ad ROI.


No matter your goals, our timeshare owners list will give you the support you need to reach them. Get started today and see the amazing results our list can bring! Our timeshare owners list is 100% customizable to fit your exact needs.


We guarantee you’ll get the best value with our custom-targeted lists. With over 75,000 combinations, you can build your ideal audience in no time. Increase response rates, grow ad ROI, and watch your sales skyrocket with our timeshare owners list!

Where does the timeshare owner leads come from?

We source this database from numerous organization and asset databases.  The Timeshare Proprietors & Interface Masterfile is compiled from many information sources.  The information is standardized, and upgraded, copies are evacuated, and the information is blended into a single Masterfile showcasing database.  A few of the major sources include timeshare affiliations.

Timeshare Resort Information

Real Estate Transactions

County Deed Registration Transactions

Self-Reported Information

Market Research Companies


Updated Monthly

NCOA Link ™ Monthly


Timeshare sample

Timeshare Owners Access

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